Cutest brother

I got to talk to my cutest missionary brother yesterday! It was ohhh so glorious! He just got transferred into some wayyyy crazy area that isnt even on the map, and where no one speaks spanish. He is now assigned to learn to speak Qechi. He assumes that he will be finishing his mission there and he could not be more excited! Every day is hiking day, and he has already made slingshot to kill birds on his daily hikes. Literally people, he is HIKING everywhere. Just to talk to us he had to hike some hill for 30 minutes in order to get cell phone service. 

It was so easy for me to forget what it was like having easton around. After he left, i moved to St george, so it wasnt abnormal to not have him around. However, after talking to him i realized just how much i miss him. It is sooo crappy that he isnt going to be at the wedding, but i know in the long run it wont really matter. He is soo happy and content with where he is and i am so proud to call him my brother! I love and miss him more than everrr!

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