Grown up status

we finally crossed something off our hugeee list of to-do's. Today we registered at Crate&Barrel. And oh my heck did we have fun. Who knows if we will get anything off our list.. But if we do I reallyyyy hope it's the super cool cutting board. (did I really just say that?.....) Next up.. we have good ol Target.

And yesterday I finally bought my jewelry that I have been obsessing over for weeks now. Checkity check check check. What would really help is if I could stop having nightmares about ordering/altering my dress wrong. The last two mornings I have woken up in complete panic mode thinking my dress is ruined. Geezzzz! Who knew I would freak out so much over a neckline? I guess that's what happens when the neckline is my favorite part of the wholeee dress. Weird I know.

Are you guys as excited as I am excited for all this stuff?!? :)


  1. I can't wait to see your dress and pictures!! You two are the cutest couple!

  2. i seriously get so excited every time i see anything that has to do with your wedding. let's get together already hayyyy! lunch next week? ice cream date? whatevs. let's just make this happen!

  3. Every step just gets more and more fun! Until two or three weeks before when you're just ready for it to be here and don't really care anymore... And I feel like I might have already told you this but I don't know when/where I would have but when Kel and I registered at Target, we totally rode around on a jazzy/morotized cart. It was the best thing we ever did. I sat on Kellys lap while he drove and I scanned. It was worth the funny looks. Do it.


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