Secrets Secrets are no fun...unless you get to tell everyone.. right? Isn't that how the saying goes? :) ... Well you my little blog followers are in for a treat tonight. I am going to share some wedding secrets with you. But only if you promise to still plan on attending the reception. Promise? ...Ok good. continue reading...

Color Scheme: shades of pink, gray, and accents of tiffany blue.
Number of Bridesmaids: 6.
Number of Groomsmen: 6
Dress: Absolutely gorgeous. That is, if they ordered the right one. (i've been having crazy dreams lately)
Location: Draper Temple.
Reception: Noah's in South Jordan.
Food: scrumptious. (Joni Hansen style)
Decorations: Classic. pretty flowers. Not vintage (AT ALL).
Photographer: Ian Barkley. (never heard of him? try googling his name along side "Michael Jackson")
Videographer: Nathan Pickett. Soooo excited for our video.

Wanna see my weddin shoes? k cool...

They look really pink. They are more of a beige. 

Remember.. keep all this Hush Hush. :)

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