We NEED your HELP!

Okkk sooo here's the deal. Am and I have entered to win a wedding package from our absolute FAVORITE photographer Abbey Kyhl. She has done sooo many of my friend's weddings and i loveeee her work. Anyway on FB there is a HUGE contest going on. There are 14 other couples trying to win.. BUT Am and I think we can dominate! hahah That is, if you guys help us!

All you have to do, is "like" AK Studio & Design on FB. Then click on the orange "W" (it says 'wufoo app'), and then select our names to vote! SUPERRRR EASY. You can read more about the contest here. Also, if you are willing, will you please please pleaseeeee post something on your FB, blog, or twitter about the contest.. asking friends to vote for us?! i know.. its way annoying but the contest only runs for a few days and every vote counts! I know a lot of you readers have like hundreds of people reading your blogs.. so if you feel comfortable please post about it! you guys are the best!



  1. just voted :] hope you guys win hay!

  2. Haley!! I'm SO glad you said something!! How funny! You have to keep my secret though :) And I totally bought that stuff online, so thank you for helping me and my poor skin :) YES! Let's totally get together, I'd love that so much! When are you moving up north??
    And I am totally voting for you! Hope you win!!

  3. Voted!! I just love you two together...and apart but together is just adorable!


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