wrapping things up

I have officially moved home for the summer. [actually just til the wedding]. And i am so happy to be back! It is always a weird transition moving home after living away, but i am glad to be home.

The last few weeks in St. George were very bitter sweet. Am and I both graduated [halle-freakin-lujah!] and unfortunately our graduations were on the same day. I was up in Salt Lake, and Am was down in St. George. That day we were constantly sending pictures and 'wish you were here' messages. {Being away from your fiance, no matter the length of time.. always sucks}. Dixie's graduation sounded a lot more entertaining than the U's. Mine was straight up awful. I could have fallen asleep to our speakers! Even my sweet grandma Tucker said it was terrible. It is a very weird feeling being completely done with school. I had always thought i would go to graduate school, and now i am reconsidering that decision. We'll see. I have to admit i was very jealous of all my Dixie friends being able to walk together.. at the U it is a little harder to connect with friends.. seeming nearly 1100 walked at the Humanities ceremony. Blahh.

I was lucky to be able to take some pictures with my girls in St. G! We started college together.. and we end together!

Am also had his Senior baseball games that same weekend. Which meant another drive down to lovely st g. The whole drive down i was a nervous wreck. I know how much baseball means to him, and i knew that it was going to be a rough series for Am emotionally. Well the senior festivities went well, and i was amazed by Ammon's career stats. First in number of games played. First in number of games started. First in most at bats. Third in most runs scored. Second in most hits. First in most assists. First in most double plays turned. Yeah... he is an all star. The team even coined a saying after his crazy defensive skills "you just got ammo'd" ...kinda cute if you ask me. It is a bittersweet feeling knowing that i wont get to see Am play on the Dixie State field again. BUT i know that he will somehow find a way to make baseball a part of our lives.

ok how cute are these kids.. they were just begging for Am's autograph. so adorable.
The last night we were in Saint George we had a nice little bbq with a bunch of the boys on the team and their girlfriends. It was so fun to talk and meet some of the players that i had never officially met before. I had heard so much about them from the 'girlfriend row' but because of the games i had never met some of them. I loved being around the guys on the team and watching them interact with each other. It made me miss soccer soo much. All the inside jokes. The bond that a team shares. The funny mix of personalities. Sports really are the best! And of course.. a bbq isnt a bbq with out some burnt hot dogs, someone getting thrown in the pool, and a dance party. It was so great. These get togethers is what i am going to miss most about college. ..No doubt we will continue having bbq's and hanging out with friends, but i just know its not going to be the same. I already miss the st george crew!
Now that things have [sort of] settled down.. i guess i should start planning this wedding! I was stoked when i found the perfect bridal shoe on clearance for 30 bucks. Now if i could just be lucky enough to do the same with jewelry. Why is bridal jewelry soo dang expensive?! Plus Am is out of town this week.. Dixie got the regional bid.. so he is now up in Oregon playing more baseball! If they win this tourney they will be heading to Nationals in North Carolina! How sweet right? i wish i could be there sooo badly. I miss him like cray.

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