I HATE being annoying

BUT for real fellow bloggers i NEED your help! I got an email this morning from Abbey, the wedding photographer that's giving away the awesome package.. and well this is a close race we have on our hands people! She said in the first day over 1700 votes have been cast, andddd between the 1st place and the 5th place couples is only a difference of 20 votes! wth.

I am sooo grateful for all of you who have voted already..it means the world! But! What i really need you to do is post about it! Post on your blog, FB, Twitter... everything! The contest ends Saturday at midnight. Is one blog post really going to hurt? :) even if all you do is put up a link to my blog.. i would be forever grateful! You all know i don't like to be annoying or anything so i apologize in advance for my beggingggg. But we want to win sooo badly!

Ps. if it helps to know.. this package includes: Free Bridals, Free Engagements, Free groomals, free wedding day coverage, free reception coverage, 500 free custom designed invitations, free sign in book, free picture display, PLUS free hair and make up on the wedding day, 500 dollars worth of reception decor rentals, andddd a videography package. Sooo yeahhhh if that isnt enough motivation for you to vote for us.. i dont know what is!

Thanks love you all!!!!

to vote: Log on to FB. Search "AK Studio and Design". Like the page. Then click the orange "W" (wufoo app) and select Haley and Ammon. It is that easy!!!! you guys are the best!! xoxoxo

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