Kicks Gift Exchange

Last night was the annual kicks gift exchange. Usually we go to dinner and to temple square, but this year we had a hard time finding a time that we could get together. Brooke is flying out to Chicago to have her wedding reception for Dan's family on the 26, and seeming that today is christmas eve, and tomorrow christmas, it didn't really give us a ton of time for us all to have a night out. We met up at Chili's to have appetizers and desserts last night at 9:30. It was soo fun being with all the girls again. It is crazy to see the pictures and movies from last years exchange. None of the 6 were married, and now 2 are married, with one maybe coming soon! Jaim is dating someone pretty serious so we will see what happens there! But how exciting right?! It is a fun time in our lives but it was nice to have a night out to ourselves. And as always, everyone got adorable gifts!
 Jaim had me and she got me the cutest earrings, scarf, and socks! I am sooo excited to wear them!

 I had Dutson, and i got her a sweatshirt at Aerie, and some jewelry. Plus i owed her 42 bucks so she also got that! finally.
 Brooke had Steph and got her a sweet hat, (total steph hat) and a cardigan.
Jess had brooke and got her some cute sweats to wear while she is in Chicago with Dan's family. Jess got some cute gloves and some other stuff from Steph. 

It was such a fun night. I wish i would have gotten a picture of the whole group but Brooke said she will email me hers. When i get it i will for sure share it all with you. I love my friends and i am excited to see where we all are next December! 

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