Utes vs. Cougs

Last weekend was pretty dang great! First we had the good old 'Holy War'.. which i might add i think is the most retarded thing ever. but it did give me a good reason to rush the field! all i can say is.. WOW. WOW. WOW. really though how much more amazing could that game could have gone for our Utes? I must admit we got pretty lucky, and both teams definitely werent anything special.. but it sure does feel good to take home the 'W'.
Me and my girl Lace.
 Funny story real quick about the game.. so i was sitting on the 5th row in the MUSS, and well.. we of course had to rush the field. So at the sight of the "blocking", i grabbed my bag and shoved my phone in my back pocket. I quickly realized how far of a drop it was to the field and made some kid catch me as i fell. Well, i felt my phone fall out of my pocket at some point on the fall.. so as soon as i landed, i quickly checked the ground around me--- it was no where to be found. So i started yelling to the people above (who i might add where very kind in helping me out) and still.. no where to be found. I figured someone must have picked it up and taken off with it, and i so took off toward the middle of the field to celebrate with my fellow Utes.  About a half hour later Lace and i decided to go try to find my phone. We looked everywhere where it could have fallen- even in a half full garbage can close to where i jumped. NOTHING. Then i hear Lacey yell.. "hay! i think i see it in the bottom!"... dont worry my phone had fallen in a garbage can and was safely waiting for me to find it there! seriously how lucky can a girl be?!
Right after i found my miracle phone
After the game the Kicks got together to draw names for our annual Christmas Girls Night and Gift Exchange. i got my girl Dut. yess :) but really i would be equally excited no matter who i drew. And then we had a date night bowling competition. Dont worry... me and Am could be called the comeback kids! we won with a combined score after two games of 528. wahooooo!! YOU GO AM! :)
I didnt get a picture of the whole gang.. so this will have to do. Love these girls

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