Mo Tab and David

Last night my family had tickets to the Mormon Tabernacle Choir performance feat David Archuletta! I somehow ended up with the two tickets and asked Dut if she would come with me. We rode trax down and waited in the huge mass of people, got in our seats early, and waited. Oh my gosh. Words cant even describe the feelings and spirit felt. It was so amazing to say the least! I have to admit that i wasnt the biggest David fan... but after last night... heck that kid has a new number one fan! He is soo talented and just the sweetest most humble kid ever. There were multiple times when dut and i would look at each other only too see our eyes gushing water everywhere! To say that i loved it is definitely an understatement.
Just Dut and i on our date night together! Funniest part of the night was when miraculously the doors opened on trax as it was driving away and we somehow managed to jump on! so funny!

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