Winter Formal

I didn't even realize that i never blogged about our sorority Winter Formal! Wow shows you how much extra time i had during finals week. Ok so two weeks ago we had our winter formal date night. I took Brayden Ward, and Lace took Jake Finnerty. These boys are really good friends so we thought that they would be the perfect boys to accompany us. We were totally right! We had a good time for sure!

We picked the boys up and headed to dinner with the Omega gals at a church in Murray. We then drove up to the U to park, and rode trax down to the Salt Palace. At this point we took pictures, danced the night away, and 'whipped our hair'.

I have to say one of the better parts of the night were seeing the random people out in the hall who looked like they were going to a stripper convention. (no exaggeration!) We asked one of the few sober people where they were going.. and to our surprise found out that it was the 97.1 Very Jersey Christmas Night feat Pauly D and J-Wow from mtv's Jersey Shore. This girl had won 10 free tickets for being 'Halloween Hottie Number 3'.. and willingly gave us 4 tickets! hahah we were laughing pretty hard but decided to go check it out.
This is what we saw on our walk to the party....
 Way Attractive right? hahah too funny. i was seriously laughing so hard. And i swear.. this sounds rude but it is always the 'bigger' girls that think it is so hot to show off their bodies!....... 
...........little do they know... that is only a MYTH.
It was a fun experience though and i really am glad we went. It definitely spiced up the night a little bit, and created some super funny jokes. Gotta love seeing celebrities right?

This is the best picture i could get.. the smoke machines screwed me over!

Overall it was a fun night! we only stayed with Pauly D for like 20 minutes.. but it was really quite the experience. Such a great night!!

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