You've Got a Friend in Omega

This weekend was so great. We had our sorority retreat up at Scottie's cabin on friday night, and on Saturday morning there was the big kickball tourney for all the sorority chapters. I love my Omega Girls! It was such a blast just spending time with them and getting to know each of them a little bit better. Oh! and don't worry.. Omega won the Kickball Tourney! booo yeah! It was such a fun couple days and i cant wait for what is to come!
Kim Possible and I ridin the DEER! Get buck!
Omega Gals
Lacey and I pre-tourney

And the Result..... CHAMPS! Go Omega!

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  1. Freak I wish Dixie had soroities!! Hmm... time to move on to a bigger and better school!! Looks like you're having fun Hale's Love ya!!


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