Took a trip home!

This past weekend..i went back to my beloved home in St. George. I cant even tell you how great it was to spend time with my roommates and my good ol buddies that are still down there. I walked into my old apartment and honestly it was like i never left. I have missed St George so much and i have missed my friends. They are the best and it was so good to be down in the Dixie atmosphere again.

When i first got there my roommates had a soccer game so i went straight to the field. Both my girls played so well.. Whit scored twice in one game, and Min seriously bicycled the ball like a mile in the air :) It was so fun seeing some of the girls that i use to play with and cheering on Dixie State!
Back row: Mini-Tricky-Taya-Haley-Becca-Erin
Front row: Whitley-Jess-Julie-Suzy-Amanda-Marissa
Suzy is getting married this week so a bunch of us girls got together and went to dinner at the  Pizza factory. Suzy was the keeper coach my freshman year and although she was our coach, we always hung out with her. She is so fun and i am so excited for her wedding this weekend!

Just hanging out causin mischief
To be honest we didn't really 'do' a whole lot---mostly just watched conference and hung out. But really i could sit in a room with these girls for hours and never get bored. 

just watchin the soccer game. Paige, Haley, Ammon.
It was fun to hang out with my old friends, and also meet the new people that i have heard so much about :) Overall the weekend was a success and i definitely will be going back soon!

Man i love my St George crew!

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