Africa- I miss it!

Lately i have been having the most random flashbacks of my experience in Africa. It is so weird. i was driving in my car the other day and all of a sudden the most strong taste came into my mouth of the dinner meals that i had every night while i was there. No, i didn't particularly enjoy the food that i ate while i was in Africa. And i honestly am confused as to why my taste buds crave the food so heavily. Mashed potatoes, rice, and the weirdest tomato soup i have ever eaten, are not on my 'must-have food list'. I have even had times where i smell someone's horrible B.O. and my mind immediately takes me back to teaching in the crowded musty African school rooms. It is so weird, but i think that my  emotional thoughts are now taking matters into their own hands by making my physical body long for Kenya. 

I think the thing i miss most is the feeling that i got when i spent the time with those children. They seriously are amazing. They are content with their life, and love the lives that they live. I miss how they made me feel. I miss the overwhelming happiness that they brought into my life. 

I miss my little Kenyans :)

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