15 months 15 months

Today marks 15 months for benjamin! I cant believe how fast time has gone, but at the same time i definitely can. Elder Woolf is doing extremely well and is absolutely loving serving the Lord.

It is so weird to think he only has about 9 months left... and let me tell you ..that is pretty dang exciting! I love the fact that i can say he is in the single digits. I guess that means i can no longer get pregnant before he gets home.. with out him knowing. hahah well lets be honest that was never in the plan, and would never happen, but it's pretty funny to think about.

He is such a stud. I love reading his letters every week, and it has really made me realize just how focused on the work he is. He is just so great!

Happy 15 months Elder Woolf!

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  1. love when you do update posts on him! so glad he's doing so well! do you hear from carson at all?


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