Cheers to New Beginnings!

Holy Moly my life has been so crazy busy.. sooo here is a quick update with a lot of pictures..

  • I joined a sorority up at the U... weird right? It's through the institute and i am already in love. I love the girls, the activities and the opportunities it gives me! Goooo OMEGA!! 

  • I went to the John Mayer concert... did you know he is my absolute favorite? Always has been and always will be. Yes, i know he is kinda sketchy.. but he is ridiculously talented. Holy smokes. Honestly the whole time i was just in awe at his amazing musical skills. Really though. He has a God given gift.. and it is so evident. I love how all his songs are so relatable, and so true. I first fell in love with John Mayer back in 2008 when Ben and I went to his concert together. That night was one of the best nights ever. I remember we were a little disappointed when he didn't sing Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, (one of our absolute favorite songs to sing together) so needless to say.. i was ecstatic when he sang that song this year. Ben would have been flipping out, cuz he loves that song. It made my night and for a second there i felt like Ben was right there singing it to me! hahaha i am such a nerd..

Reppin the John Mayer T-shirt.
Ali, Lacey, and i met up with a bunch of friends from high school! John mayer really is just so great.

  • Utes kicked off the football season last night! .....and i am officially a member of the MUSS! It was such a fun game and so dang intense. i loved every second of it. It is so crazy how big the student section is, and how much school spirit everyone has. That is one thing that is different from Dixie, everyone has pride in their school! GO UTES!!
Official MUSS member. Lovin the Tee

The girls.. Lacey, Brooke, and Scottie.

Right after we won in OT! such a crazy game.. with an unnecessary overtime..

I am loving my life right now! i am so busy but time is flying by.. which is exactly what i need :)

Lexi gets married tomorrow so expect a post about that coming soon :)

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