Birthday! Birthday!! Birthday!!!

Welp it's official.. I AM 20! Happy Birthday to myself i guess. This birthday is going to be different than any birthday i have in the past few years.. Benjamin isnt going to be here to share our special day together! Yup we have the same birthday!...Pretty crazy huh? I remember spending our birthdays together since the day we turned 15!

I remember going to Build-A-Bear and making ben a bear for his 15th birthday. (we had the funniest inside joke about.. BEAR!!)
For our 16th birthday i remember getting him a shirt at American Eagle, and he gave me perfume from Pac Sun. I also recently found the card he gave me this year! so cute.
For our 17th birthday.. i honestly don't remember, and i have no pictures of this day?

18th Birthday we went skydiving with Ben's family and of course.. Carsy. Amazing experience.

18th birthday.. we went to The Roof for dinner with my family. So fun!

Our 19th birthday we went to Vegas with Ben's parents and brother. So many fun memories!

19th birthday party at my house.

Pretty crazy to think that we are 20! .. i just got an email from Ben and, even though his birthday is already half way over, he is doing really well!..And i am sure i will have a great day also :)

Happy Birthday to us!!

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