Burfffday celebration

My birthday turned out to be AWESOME. I honestly have the best friends in the world and they made the day so great. i had a little 'get together' at my house and i was quite surprised that people showed up! It was so fun to celebrate, mingle and catch up with both new and old friends! Thanks guys :)

My mom made the BEST food... and seriously look at the ADORABLE cake that she made! i lovedd it.

Just missin Miss Brookie who's in Ecuador!

I was so excited when these two showed up.. Both of them went to Brighton and we have known each other all while growing up. Skwig (left) and i played soccer together back for Celtic, and me and Scottie (right) use to be roommates at Dixie! They are crazzzy girls and make me so happy!

Jessica Mero, Jaimie Watts, and me :)

Me and Joshua Durrant.. we have been friends forever.. he was my first 'Dance date' back in 2006 to homecoming!

Lindsey Canfield! friends since PRESCHOOL! love that girl

Good ol T.J. Richards.. we have an on-going joke that we are going to get married on Aug. 20.. The day before his [sister] and my [best friend]... Brooke's wedding!

Flowers from Mozambique wishing me a Happy Birthday :) boy do i love that boy!

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