A week from today.. Benny Boy will have been out for a YEAR! How great is that? I am so proud of the kid! He is doing amazing and is so positive and happy every week. Seeming that i am going to be in Kenya for the next few weeks i figured i would do an update before i leave.

Ben has met so many cool people! He always talks very highly of the people of Mozambique and has truly come to love them.

Ben has LOVED all his companions and the people he has been blessed to work with. I think its just his ability to get along with anyone, but he says he has been "lucky". 

He loves to try and make me jealous.. I got these pictures this week with the caption "the ladies here love me hay!" hahah yeah its not working. But lets just hope the Jungle Fever doesn't settle in too much. hahaha :)

Seriously the missionaries never cease to amaze me. The things they are doing are nothing like anything else in the world. I love hearing them testify of the truthfulness of this gospel and their willingness to serve is unwavering. What great examples they are to us all! 

I am excited to see what sweet experiences he gets to have in the next year... He has grown and matured so much already it is amazing. It's weird how close we have gotten even though he is sooo far away. I have gotten use to life with out Benjamin being here, but at the same time i just wanna say.. [in the famous words of John Mayer] ...

"I'm tired of being alone.. so hurry up and get HERE!!"

Happy week everyone!! :)


  1. love the pics hay! thanks for sharing!

  2. love the photos -- I love it bigger -- now you have to show me how to do the collage's so cute! Can't wait to see you soon. Love you.


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