I know you can't tell by the weather.. but for awhile there it was pretty nice outside! The girls and I decided to take a little trek on down to St. George. Oh how good it felt to go back to my home. :) I still consider my home as St George.. it's weird being "up north" for so long! Alex and Ammon came down that same week with us too. It made for a great week.. although i wish i could have seen my roommates more. They are all grown up now with jobs, school, and soccer practice.. IN SUMMER?! i call them crazy!

None of the pictures we took are that great considering we got FRIED at the lake and our hair was FLUFFY. Still, we had a blast!!

We drove by this park and there were all these weird people dressed up in medieval clothes.. we pulled over and the girls and Alex decided they wanted to play along. Some sort of sword fighting game.. i dunno but it was hilarious!

Driving to the lake to go Cliff JUMPING!!

The only semi- decent picture from that day. oh man good times! Now, if only Salt Lake would warm up for a few days!

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