Lets go on an ADVENTURE!

On Wednesday we met up with some friends and decided that we wanted to go on an adventure. So we decided we would hike, in the pitch black with no flash lights, up to a waterfall off Wasatch Blvd. With only a few casualties, we came out survivors! It ended up being such a fun night and definitely a night to remember!
The water was going so fast and was FREEZING COLD!

Poor Brad tripped and gashed his shin on a rock or something..

Brad and Ryan.. cant forget the Mardi Gras beads.. Nerds.

Cheezy smiles in the middle of the stream thing. We were freezing!

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  1. I love that hike - and it's the most fun at night time! I remember doing this with a group of my friends and we made our way up it by way of cell-phone light! :o)


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