Fall Break

How many posts can a girl do about how much she loves St George? I don't know.. but seriously the place never gets old. I headed down there last week for Fall Break and it was great. My family even came down for a few days!

Thursday we spent at Zions National Park hiking and hanging out. OH my gosh it was so gorgeous! i have always wanted to go and it was better than i ever imagined. The hikes were easy and not too strenuous, and the views were AMAZING. Seriously if you havent been.. i highly suggest it! 
So glad that Ammon came along with me, Teag, and my parents. There were so many pictures to choose from so i had to condense them into just a few.
Friday was spent up at Dixie Rock and the Crack with my family. Whit tagged along too. We helped my mother overcome her fear of claustrophobia when we forced her to go through the tiny slot up at the crack. She was flipping out and it was hilarious.
Dixie Rock fun
Whit and I pretending to be Cheerleaders. I think we could do it. Dont you?
Friday afternoon my roommates, ammon, my family, and I decided that we were going to go play some baseball. We use to go play last semester with the baseball boys a lot, but we hadnt gone for quite awhile. We all borrowed some of Ammon's sweet Dixie baseball hats and headed off to the field. We all took turns hitting and being out fielders. I love how my roommates are freakin all star athletes.. i swear they could play any sport. And ammon?... Ok freakin LEGIT ball player- but we all already knew that. 

Just posing for some pics! looking good right?
My absolute favorite picture from the weekend. we look so hard core!
 A bunch of us also went camping! Actually i should say we just got together and had a fire cuz only 2 people of the 15 decided to stay the night.. wow we are party poopers! hahah it was so fun though!
Camping out in the red sand.. love it.
Well Fall Break was definitely a great weekend. But the one down fall was that it was SO hard to get up and go back to school yesterday morning. blah. but soon it is Halloween.. my absolute favorite! yay!!

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