Happy Howl!

Halloween is my favorite time of the year! I know that is kinda weird.. but i love everything about fall. i love the leaves, the cold nights, the hot chocolate, the football games, haunted houses, dressing up crazy, and everything else. This week was my first time going to a haunted house in almost 2 years.. since i didnt get to go last year! boo! but it was so fun and such a blast. I love everything about haunted houses and cant wait to go to another one!
The Haunted Forest gang..Kim, Trevor (deb), Eric, Alex, haley, Scottie, and Sean

This creepy guy was walking around scaring people before we even walked in. hahah he had the funniest laugh.
Trevor, Kim, Eric, Alex, Scottie, Sean, Haley. Such a fun night!

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  1. fuuun! so glad you've been hanging out with those boys hay! they're great.


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