Happy Birthday Friend!

Happy 21st Birthday Whitley Ellen Davis!
Top left: moving into our apartment Freshman year. Top Right: going for a scoot ride
Bottom left: 3D mini golfing. Bottom Right:Welcome back carnival freshman year.
A big shout out goes to my roomie and bestie Whitley Davis.. Today is her 21st birthday! It is crazy to me that she is 21.. what the? where did time go? i swear it was just yesterday that we were throwing water balloons together at my 16th birthday party. 

Top Left: My 19th Birthday party. Top right: Halloween party '09
Bottom Left: Bowling night for FHE soph. year. Bottom right: Flour fight

Whit and i have known each other since we were in the 8th grade. I switched soccer teams and that is when our relationship began. We both committed to play soccer for Dixie State within two weeks of each other, and it was a no-brainer that we would be roommates. We have had so many fun memories together and i cant wait for the many more to come! :)
Top Right: first scoot ride in Feb '10. Top Left: Camping end of soph year
Bottom Left: Swimming in the middle of November. Bottom Right: Shooting over memorial day on the AZ strip

I love this girl. She is the most steadfast and perfect example anyone could ask for. She is a very good listener and always knows just what to say. She definitely kept me in line and always made me want to do better. I will never forget the nights that we shared reading scriptures or having gospel talks in our small little room freshman year. She really is such an amazing person and i am so lucky to have her in my life!

Whit and I have had so many funny moments together. I think one of my favorites though just happened during my last semester at Dixie. We were up super late doing homework. i was laying on my bed and she was laying on hers just across the hall. I couldn't really see her but she asked if she could use my chapstick. So i chucked it over through her cracked open door. Somehow it miraculously made it into her room and the next thing i see is whitley hanging off her 4 ft tall bed upside down trying to pick up the chapstick from off the ground with out actually having to get off her bed. She got ahold of the chapstick and then she couldnt get back up on the bed. She was screaming for me to help her, but i was laughing so hard i couldnt even move. She kept screaming until our two other roommates came out of their rooms so angry that we had woken them up. Classic Whitley story. 

Happy Birthday Whit!
I cant believe how old you are.. but i hope you have the best day ever! love you!

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