Dixie Normas

For the past few weeks i have been playing on an intramural coed-flag football team. We call ourselves the Dixie Normas. Quite the clever name don't ya think? ....no mother i had no part in the picking of the name.. but i do think it is soo funny. Anyway i signed up with some of the boys in the apartment below us, and i will be honest.. i thought we would be horrible. But i am happy to inform you that we were pretty decent! We creamed most teams, and held our own against the better teams in our league.

Pictures during half time.. we had our play off game last night vs the Trojans... 
Trojans vs. Dixie-Normas. 

I love this girl to death. 
Meet Lindsay. 
We laugh during the whole game together.
And she had the SWEETEST interception ever.

Team Huddle=pointlessness.

Outcome: we lose.
and i have one messed up finger.
oh joy.

But it was super fun and i loved every minute of playing football with these boys.

Next up: POWDERPUFF!! wahooo

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