Halle vs. Haley

So one of my favorite little cousins Halle has recently learned how to use the computer. She knows how to take pictures,
 upload them, and email them to anyone she wants. Smart little girl for only being 4! As i bet you could have guessed.. i get probably 10-20 emails -at least- every week from her! You may think this might get annoying after awhile.. but trust me.. it doesn't. It brightens my day and makes me laugh every time i get a new picture she has taken of herself. Most of the time the subject of the emails are "ahdifaj kmadl" or "haley you are 2 years old" (this being her favorite thing to say to me) and sometimes "I'm shakin my booty at you!"

Halle shakin her "booty" in the laptop's camera

Isn't she just so adorable? and soo funny!

Alright these are kinda scary, but i cant leave a little girl hangin! I started emailing her funny pictures back and now it has turned into a war!

Oh man i miss this little girl! she is so fun to be around and one is always guaranteed a laugh when talking to her. She loves to cause mischief and trouble.. and she loves to mimmick me. haha i love her and cant wait to visit her and her cute family this Thanksgiving in San Diego!

Love you Dixons!

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  1. okay okay, I laughed and cried when I read your blog tonight!! We miss you so much and can't wait to see you. Halle wanted me tell you that she has been a little busy lately with school -- funny how pre-school can make a girl so busy!!! She will be back on the computer soon -- WE love you and I LOVE your BLOG -- your header is adorable!!!


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