just wishin time flew!

YAY! i hit the three month mark two days ago! phew! Ben has now been out for... 1/8 of his mission. Is that a warped way of thinking or what? i mean.. let's put this in simple terms.. "would you want 1/8 of a pie?" i would! so i figure 1/8 of a mission is quite the mark too right? He made it through the MTC and has now been in Africa for a whole month! He loves it and his weekly emails crack me up. uhh monday mornings are the best part of the week! hallelujah its pretty much Sunday today!! here are a few pics he emailed this past week..

He is so cute.. Still! 

Benjamin and his "nice" house 

African Sun!... so pretty. He says sunsets are AMAZING!

Members houses? i am assuming 

One thing Ben always mentions is how grateful he is for everything he has! He was already such a humble kid, but even more so now. He really loves where he is serving and never complains about anything.  i swear he doesn't know how! but anyway.. just always remember how much we are blessed with and keep the missionaries in your prayers!

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  1. ooohhh that's so exciting haley! i'm glad he's doing well!


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