Workin Lady!

I'ma Player.. I'ma Player.. I'ma Player!! ......If you dont know that song, maybe you should look it up cuz it's now my new theme song! haha no i'm kidding, but at the same time totally serious! I have been down here in St. George for almost a month, and fortunately i was one of the lucky few who found a job. I went into Players Sports Grill the first full day i was down here and asked if they were hiring... And they were! Not only was i in shock, but they gave me an application and then a manager came out and interviewed me! .... and to continue this pattern of 'Luck' he gave me the job right then and there! hmm crazy day full of a lot of information but i was pretty excited. So i am one of the newest Hostess's (thats a lot of 's's) at the restaurant! I have now been working for about 3 weeks and so far it's not too shabby! I get base pay, and if i get any tips on take out orders i get to keep them! i think on my total of 3 take out orders i have made about ten buckaroo's in tips. haha so happy about that. Who doesn't love a little extra change? 

So.. basically my job is pretty easy.. just welcome guests, seat them, and tell them the soup of the day. Sometimes its super boring but i have met some pretty cool people. i met a cute little old couple that has been traveling the U.S in their motor home since June! what a life! Oh and let me get on my soap box here for a second.. Our food is delicious! The restaurant has sort of a upscale, classy feel about it.. and seriously everything there is sooo TASTY! yumm!

SO excited to go to work! .......not!! But really if you are ever in St. George you best come visit me at work! 

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