hanging up the cleats..

Crazy i know! Some of you are probably reading this thinking.. "Really? there is no way..." welp it's true. I quit soccer. Done-zo. And to be quite honest with you i am surprisingly ok with it. Although i miss the sport so much my teammates and all the good things that came through playing soccer.. i do not miss the super hot practices, conditioning, running stadiums multiple times, having absolutely no time for myself.. and having no money! i dunno its such a bittersweet decision, but i put a lot of thought and prayer into it, and i have realized LIFE GOES ON. and even more surprising... there are more important things in life than soccer.

Now, it is super weird going to games and knowing that i no longer play, but even more weird is trying to come up with an answer to the questions.. "What are your hobbies?" and my favorite.. "What do you do in your spare time?" And well you see.. my typical answer would normally be "soccer" but since i no longer really have that option.. What am i left with? Nothing.  I always joke with my roommates and say.. oh my newest hobbies are tree watching and rock throwing... i am such a DORK. It has taken some time to get use to the fact that i am a LOSER now with no hobbies, but at the same time, it has given me time to myself to really do a self evaluation and say "what do i really like to do?".. I may still be trying to answer this question, but i know eventually it will come, and hopefully it will be something new and amazing.

Here are just a few pics from the past year of soccer. Man i miss these times!!

My girls from Dixie State.. Team prayer before every game.

Team Activities.. beginning of the year BBQ.. we did some pretty good karaoke!

Halloween Practice.. we look pretty fierce right? we were the Hunters

Roommate ice baths during two-a-days. Lovely. i wish i were that tan still.

Having 25 girls that i can all my best friends. i knew they were always there for me.

I will miss it, but i am OK for now!


  1. Shopping's a hobbie...

    Or at least I keep telling Mike it is!

    Oh - and because you and your cute mom, I had to make a painful and costly visit to Whimsy!




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