The Dark Room--- WARNING! this post may get explicit.

so this semester i thought it would be fun to take an art class.. after much debate i decided on black and white film photography. ohhhh man i did not know what i was getting myself into. This class is probably by far the class i stress out over the most... how PATHETIC! my dang camera is like 100 years old and so confusing to use. but needless to say i have learned a whole lot about photography that i never ever knew. Oh and did i mention.. This class is every Tuesday night from 8:00 to 10:20Yeah i dont know what drug i was on when i signed up for it.. cuz it is horrible timing every week.

This however, was not the reason for my post. Last week was our first week in the Dark Room. I never realized just how dark it really gets in there. PITCH BLACK.  And,well, seeming that the class is so late at night.. we have A LOT of young, married college couples in my class. I never really thought it was a big deal... until now.

.. this is about how my class went that night..

Lets talk about.. weird sounds. (puckering... smacking.. movement/removal of clothing..). lots of ear whispering. soooo creepy. You guys probably all think i am kidding.. but i'm not. not at all. One girl even made a comment.."we should turn on the lights cuz it would be so funny to see what people are doing." (she must have been thinking the same things as i was..) and well the whole idea of turning on the lights got shot down very quickly by MANY people in the class. Gross. disgusting. perverted. i never knew people had these weird fantasies about hooking up in a photography dark room.. because seriously that seems to be the only reason they are in the class.

All i have to say is.. when i get married i am not signing up for an 8:00 night class with my husband. I am sure we will have other things to be doing at that time of night.. and well... we will save that for our house and NOT the classroom!! sheesh! ahhaha


  1. Ohhh Haley, that is unbelievable! Are you 1/2 way through the class yet? There is always something to learn and it usually happens outside of what you are expecting to learn. Hang in there. It was fun to catch up with what you have been doing. Ben looks so great! I am going to send you a blog invite, but I need to get your email address. I will hopefully get from Cyd this week. Take care, love the heading of your blog!

  2. oh thank you! my email is! i have been bugging my dad for your email so i could try to get to see your blog! but this works perfectly! miss you guys!


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