going through the temple

Well we are counting down from 3 now! sooo crazyyy. I had the opportunity to go through the temple this past friday. I was nervous and excited all wrapped up into one. Once i was in the temple, everything seemed to fade away. Seeing my sweet Ammon in the house of the lord... wow. Life changing experience. It was a spiritual day that led me to fall in love with my dear fiance more than i could ever imagine. The sweetest spirit was present and i felt a feeling i have never quite experienced in that amount of strength.

To all those who have yet to go through the temp.. be excited. Do not worry. Remember it is the house of the Lord, and the spirit that is there is the best feeling in the world. I am 183489375498879r times more excited to marry Am on THURSDAY! holy smokes. can hardly wait. And i am also veryyy excited to see you all that night! Best day eveerrrr.


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