weekend fun

Am and i had a busy but fun weekend! we left for st gee superrr early friday morning to sign the lease for our apartment! Guys.. it is soo cute and perfect. Just a little one bedroom apt with all the regular stuff, and a nice big walk in closet. :) oh my gosh i can hardly wait to start decorating that place. The only crappy thing is that we will most likely only be there until november, and then we are hoping to buy a house!!! what the? Am i really this old? So exciting though.. anddd just being in st george for the few hours that we were got me wayyy too excited to move back.

We hustled our little tooshies back to Lehi so we could go the the Lehi rodeo with some of Ammon's friends. Ok.. so fun. I had totally forgotten how much i loved rodeos. For some reason i cant help but dress up like a hick and talk like one too!

Saturday i finallyyy got to use my much anticipated birthday gift from Ammon.. US Womens National team soccer tickets. Score. I loveee loveee loveee soccer.. and watching those girls play made me realize just how incredible of a sport it is. I miss playing sooo badly! The olympics cannot come fast enough! Best birthday present goes to my sweet fiance. :)

Alex Morgan was amazing!
And then! Last night we went to din din with Jess and Ev. They are practically our favorite. Even cute little Emmitt came along. After a delicious burger at Salt Lake Burger Co, and running into the lovely Williams, we got to go meet sweet baby Jack. That's right.. another one of the six kicks from high school had her baby! He is the cutest little guy around, and has the most distinct gorgeous features. Mommy Brooke and Daddy Dan, are doing so well and are beeeeyond happy to finally welcome him into the world. HOLY MOLY. My friends have children. What the??....

the difference two months makes!
The girlies. Jess. Brooke. Haley.


  1. ah! im so jealous you got to see that game!!! soccer is the greatest thing in the entire world.

  2. Loved runseeing you Hay! and gosh Emmitt is so freaking cute... I want one! haha!


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