How i loveee America!

This year was the first year i have been in America for the 4th! The previous two have been spent in Africa or Italy. And while yes, i am beyond grateful for those amazing our-of-country experiences, there was nothing sweeter than coming home to the good ol U-S of A. We really do live in such a blessed land, and until you have traveled abroad it is easy to overlook the huge blessing. Even though our government may not be the most keen or we might disagree with some laws or regulations, Please just be grateful for the freedoms we do have.

In Kenya, i saw governmental rule and destruction. I saw people oppressed simply because of the pride and selfishness of people in power. In italy, (a little more forgiving) I saw just how real the Mafia is. I saw the power that families and clans had over cities, and the country-for no real reason at all, besides the power of $$$). It is amazingggg. I never thought that in a country that seemed so civilized and 'up to date', things could be so corrupt.

So while yes, we do have things to complain about.. please just remember how blessed we really are to be living in the most amazing country on earth! Am and i celebrated by watching RSL battle Seattle. It was my first RSL game this year, and boy was it fun! I loveeee my country!

The Future Fam..


  1. Where in the heck have I been?? I've been MIA in blogland and I've missed catching up on your life! CUTE pictures!

    When are you coming back down south??

  2. love your cute fourth of july outfit hay!

  3. You and Ammon are the cutest thing, and your outfits.. ahhhhhhh I can't wait for the wedding pictures!!

  4. i loved seeing you at this game! love you girl :)


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