single digits

after watching the daily countdown start from 119 days.. it feels pretty dang good to wake up to this number:

But for real. I never thought the day would come that i got to see single digits. HOLY MOLY. i am so excited. I woke up this morning with more love for my sweet fiance than ever before. (but lets be honest... that happens every morning).

I also hope all of you got your invites. We found out last weekend that somehow 70 people on our labels list got skipped. Soooo hopefully that was none of you! if so, pleaseeee email me or comment or something. You had better believe that we want you all there!!

Also, this picture makes me giddy.

photography credit: Ian Barkley


  1. oh my goodness i am giddy for you!! couples like you two are the reason i love it when people get engaged. ahh you are only 9 DAYS away from being married! it's the greatest thing.

  2. i am seriously sooo excited for you hay! i LOVED your announcements and i cannot wait to see you on your big day in 9 dayyyyssss! also, hope your picture problem is being resolved.


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