Back to real life

Well i am alive and well! you guys havent heard from me in a few weeks.. and well.. i don't feel too bad about it! Life has been absolutely crazy and absolutely amazing. Ammon and I are constantly shocked by the generosity of the people around us, and the incredible blessings our Heavenly Father has given us.

We have picked up and moved to St. George.. Ammon started his job on monday, and i had planned on staying at ULTA until i found something a little more stable and applicable to my degree. And let me just tell you.. the opportunity has come 1000 times quicker than i ever dreamed possible. Monday night i received a job offer from an amazing company called Ydraw. It's an awesome marketing company and I couldn't be more excited. It is a highly innovative video scribing company. I am working very closely with their owner, and have various different responsibilities. Basically.. this job is beyond awesome and beyond what i ever thought i would do.

This is a quick example of the work that ydraw is capable of producing. This video went viral on FB in Utah a few weeks ago, and i would have never guessed that i would end up working for this company!

Beyond that, i need to post some wedding pictures! andddd honeymoon... and bridal shower pics.. and moving pics... andndd well, you see the pattern. hopefully we will have reliable internet in the next few days so i can start posting more often!


  1. Congratulations! So so so exciting!!!

  2. love that i came to your blog and saw the hay & am heading :]
    congrats on your new job hay! it sounds amazing, and even cooler is that it is what you want to do be doing!


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