The job

I am convinced I have the most fun job on the planet. Ok maybe that is an exaggeration, but seriously I am loving my job at ULTA. I'm, what they call, a Prestige artist. Meaning.. make up artist and product education. I know what you are all thinking.. Haley? really?...a make up artist? hahahah I KNOW! But seriously i have had some awesome training with some of the best companies and brands in the U.S. and have learned so much! Plus I have this weird secret love for cosmetics that none of you even know about.. so it kinda sorta worked out perfectly. Ahhh the happiness that a new nail polish brings me is quite ridiculous! (k that sounded soo girlie sooo just forget that i even wrote that)..embarrassingggg
Setting Smashbox and making testers
Perks include AWESOME hair coloring and cut
My nail brand. yum
Pride. and. Joy.
more hair pics
awesome buys from the week. 

Seriously. Someone shoot me now before i get my next paycheck so i can have a little more variety in my dinner selection.. i'm getting sick of oatmeal.

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  1. Umm.... I would be LOVING that job, too :) Looks like I need to go buy me some new essie polishes! Those colors are sooo pretty!


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