the cats outta the bag

well it is official. I moved to St. George! Surprise surprise right? haha. Seriously it was like a week between the time that i decided to move.. and the day that i actually left. I am living with Whit and MIn (the same girls that i loved with before) and then Kat. Kat played soccer with whit and min.. she is getting married in MARCH! I am so stoked for her. Anyway in an effort to show you my humble abode.. check out the little video i made. It is edited superrrrr crappy and might seem boring to some of you. BUT my family wanted to see my house and soooo a video was necessary.

I love my house. I have my own room and my own bathroom. I have neverr had both of those combined. And let me tell you... it is so great. I love having my own space. St. George is amazing. I love the warm weather and had quickly forgotten how warm it really is in January and February. I am in heaven. Sooo if you ever need a place to stay or are in the neighborhood.. holla at me! 


  1. okaaaay i want to a] move out and b] move to st. george. all the bright sun shining through the windows makes me crave summer like never before. i'm seriously coming over president's weekend even if bryn can't. [if the offer still stands of course] and what the everyone has their own bathrooms?! you guys obviously scored!

  2. So fun! Sad though you are there instead of here! I say live it UP!!!!


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