An introduction is necessary

Since this cute boy Ammon may be popping up on the blog from now on.. i think you need to know a little more. Sooo here are some great little facts about this sweet boy of mine.. i have bragging rights.

He plays baseball here at Dixie State. Shortstop to be precise. Anddd he has started all 4 years. Legit.
Lately he has this obsession with Recees Peanut Buttercups.
His birthday is February 8, 1988. Oldieeee
He plays the piano amazingly well. ...Amazinggggggly well. (double take for emphasis)
He went to Lone Peak high school, but grew up mainly in murray. His fam moved before his soph year.
He served a LDS mission in Japan. And yesss obviously he is fluent in Japanese.
He is superr smart. If i told you his ACT score he would most likely kill me... it's THAT good.
He loves to cuddle and is the best cuddler around. Back tickles are his favorite.
He is the definition of patient.. (These stories will have to be explained on a later day)
He loves the gospel with all his heart and it shows in everything he does.
His choice of beverage is usually Dr. Pepper. But occasionally he'll mix in a Diet Coke or Lemonade.
He has four sisters and one brother... And is child number 3.
He is a business major, with plans to get his Masters degree in athletic administration.
When he gets tired he mumbles like crazyyyy. It is hilarious.
He is witty and honest.. and maybe even a little bit nerdy.
He loves leaving notes and little cards.. just for the heck of it. i am constantly finding hidden love notes
He cooks the bestttt meals. Seriously his rice is to die for. (i know what you're thinking..Rice? but really.. japanese rice! yum)
He it thoughtful and kind.
He played basketball and football before deciding to solely focus on baseball.
He is my roommates "go-to" guy for priesthood blessings. Which is so humbling for me.
He loves me for me. He even thinks my calves are the best ever.. while in reality they are huge/manly.
He likes to read and is constantly reading church or inspirational books.
He is left handed, but plays sports right handed.
He has the most calm persona and mellow voice of anyone i know.
He hasn't sworn in over 6 years. and even before that it was never a regular occurrence. (how he handles me i will never know..)
He is my Valentine. And took me on the best Valentines date ever.

And while clearly i could go on and on.. i am tired and i have a 9 hour shift tomorrow. Sooo i will give you more details soon. I promise. Our story is quite hilarious, and yet so great at the same time. I hope all your Valentines Day treats were as awesome as mine! xoxo


  1. favorite fact was that he's your roomates' go-to guy for priesthood blessings. that really is the best thing you can ask for in a guy. one that will honor his preisthood and love the lord. one night when i was driving home from a haunted forest with luke & his buddies we stopped at one of their friends' houses to give him a blessing. it was the neatest thing to be there for. i think it was then and there that my heart melted. i love seeing ammon pop up on your blog haley. i am so glad you are happy and enjoying life in st. george!

  2. Awe :) It sounds like you truly adore him! You two are so adorable :)

  3. you are seriously the cutest. and i need to come to st george to meet your boy :) seriously.

  4. this is so cute. i'm so happy for you!


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