As of late

The weather in St. G has afforded us the great opportunity to spend plenty of time outside. Am and Alex took me to the driving range for the 3rd time in my life... and by the end i actually was doing pretty well.
 Welcome to my new home. Work has consumed most of my days.. and only part of my nights. The good news is.. i still thoroughly enjoy my job! It is fun and i am learning soo much.
I promise this looks worse than it actually was.. Amm is way better than me..but lately i have been getting lucky!
This has been a re-occurring alert on my iphone. I dont know when i decided to be half decent at Words With Friends.. but i think Ammon would appreciate it if i went back to my old ways. He use to cream me.

Whit. Hay. Kat. Min.
Tonight we had a bridal shower for my roommate Kat. She is getting married in two weeks in the San Diego temple! I am sooo excited for her. She is sooo great and you should all be excited for the post about her wedding.
Min. Am. Hay. Alex. Tyler
Dixie State won the Pac West Championship.. and unfortunately for me i missed out on the free shirts. Obviously. Sadly i am not a Dixie State College student, but i love to pretend like i am. 

Sometimes i joke that Am has a 'thing' for Japanese women. He is great and always plays along.. until one night when i came out of the bathroom with my eyes taped back, and my hair in a huge asian bun on top of my head. We were both laughing so hard we almost cried.

the coloring on this one is kinda weird.. but this was on Valentines Day! (promise my hair isnt greasy either)
Valentines day was awesomeee. This boy completely spoiled me. We went to dinner at Anasazi Steakhouse, and went to a movie. We exchanged gifts.. and it ended up that we got each other the exact same thing. Cute? hahah kinda. we are just glad we are on the same page!


  1. Haley! This is me replying to your blog comment in a blog comment for you! :) we miss you too!! Come hang out with us anytime!! We should plan something ASAP! You ad Ammon are adorable! I love you blog! :))

  2. 1. Your hair is hot!! I love it! 2. You guys are cute cute!

  3. Haley, you guys are so cute together!! i love it!! :)

  4. Your blog is so cute! The Japanese story/pictures.... So funny!

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  6. Haley! I love you...a lot. My mom told me she saw you at church and asked you all about Ammon. SO CUTE! I'm so happy for you. He seems absolutely wonderful. We have to catch up soon!


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