Happy Birthday Dear

Today is Am's birthday.. So clearly a blog post is necessary.

Ammon turns 24 today. Yeahhhh holy old man status i know! haha kidding. this boy is so great. if you need a friendly little reminder about our history together.. well you can read his birthday post from last year, here. It is so crazy how things have turned out, but to say the least i am so happy.

Anyway today Am left for Oakland, CA, for a 4 game baseball series this weekend. So instead of celebrating today we did last night! Am and I went to Texas Roadhouse because he wanted a 'big fat steak'. hahah such a man! :) I am seriously shocked at how much this boy can eat/drink. It almost makes me proud in a weird way. haha. After dinner (which he made me swearrrr i wouldn't tell the server that it was his birthday) we headed to my house where we met up with our friends to have cupcakes, ice cream, and asphalt pie. We casually talked and hung out. It was a chill night spent with close friends.. just the type of night we both enjoy!

This morning i met him at his house where i 'surprised' him with new batting gloves and a shirt from AE. I made him pick his own gloves because one time he told me "well if i don't like them, i'll just use them as my practice gloves...And if i dont like the clothes you get me i will just wear them around the house. ....but i am sure i will love anything you get me" haahahahhaa.....OK!?  Needless to say i am completely freaked out about buying this boy anything now. But deep down i know he would wear anything if it meant it made me happy. BUT i understand that when it comes to baseball, things get serious. Anyway he was happy and i think i did alright in my shopping selections!

Am is so great and is the most sincere person i know. He is genuine, thoughtful, loving, kind, funny, determined, and smart. He is talented, and yet humble. I know you all don't know much about this cute boy but that post is coming soon. Today i mostly just want to say...

Happy Birthday Dear! I hope it was the best birthday yet.

....Andddd good luck this weekend. K some trash!!! :)


  1. yaaaay for birthdays! ahh i love how things are unfolding hay. you sure seem happy!

  2. super cute :) birthdays are wonderful :)
    and just found your blog - and i'm now your newest follower :)

  3. this is darling. so happy for you!

  4. love this post :) you guys are cute!

  5. Haley, you and Am are so cute together! Glad I still get to follow you on your blog...I miss you on social networking! haha I hope everything continues to go well! And I read that cute story about what he did for you about a week ago...so cute. Miss you!! Love you!!

  6. oh my gosh!! you two are one sexy adorable couple!! love this haley!!


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