the finals week look

So what if i use finals week as an excuse to not get ready? Today i wore my VS sweatpants, and a new crew neck hoodie that i got last week...via Cyber Monday. Steal of a deal i tell ya. But i think the best part is my hair piled up on top of my head. I'm loving the fact that i can put my hair in a nice little sock bun and call it good. Loving the sock bun look this week. And you better believe i'm gonna keep rockin it. Good luck on your finals lovelies! finish strong!
Naturally while i am studying i decide to write a blog post about my hair, so i take pictures on my webcam. What the heck? As you can tell i will be reallyyyy glad when finals are over! Procrastination at its finest people.
Ps i promise my hair isn't jet black like it looks here. And i'm not trying to look like an asian.. maybe the whole cinnamon bun/dark hair isn't such a good idea after all?

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  1. i.hate.finals.
    procrastination is the absolute death of me. worst part? i'm still procrastinating.


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