Omega, and EggNog Eggstravaganza

Last night was such a fun night! First, I started off with a little Christmas get together with my old Omega sisters. It is always a good time catching up with those girls. Usually the conversation turns into one about Vampire Diaries or Pretty Little Liars.. Which, lets be honest i am completely ok with both of those topics. We even had a nice little white elephant gift exchange! It was and always is fun seeing those girls. But mostly it just made me really miss Omega. 
Clearly i meant to hold the "C" upside down
Hay. Nina. Scottie.
Africa Chickssss
The gang
After our Omega party, i went over to the Annual 'NOG' party at Tyson's. HOLY SMOKES. i was thoroughly impressed by the crowd and the overall planning of this party. Tyson and his friends made like 7 huge things of homemade eggnog. Normally i am not a big fan of holiday concoction, but after hearing numerous rants and raves about how yummy this eggnog was, i decided to test it out for myself. Umm OK? i fell in love. It was seriously the besttttt eggnog i have ever had. Over the last 6 years these boys have tweaked and mastered their own perfect recipe. Impressive? VERY. I love those boys and it was such a blast mingling with everyone.

Seriously though this party was so dang cute. On the lawn of the yard was the word "nog" spelled out perfectly in christmas lights. Then, on the door hung a sign that said "welcome please NOG". As soon as you knocked, the door flew open and there stood Zach with his high tech camera to photograph everyone who arrived. Then, guests were asked to sign in on the "naughty or nice list". After that it was straight to the kitchen to get your cup of eggnog. Oh and we can't forget the "NOG parade" and the visit from dear old St. Nic himself! How cute right?
Hay. Whit, Mandy. Love these two.
We grew up playing soccer together when we were little teens :)
Good ol Santa 
Paigey and I
 Omega sisters and dear friends 
The founders of the party. Zach and Tyson.
I love these boys so much. we go wayyy back. (oh and you can see the Naughty and nice list) 
The NOG man himself. look at that stache!

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  1. his stache kills me. looks like a fun party! and i looove that you omega girls got together for a party. i miss gamma more than i can even begin to describe.


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