the reason

OK Ok i knowww how annoying it is that i went private. and i am sooo sorry! Having to log in everyyy time you want to read my blog? talk about frustrating. But i can most definitely assure you that it will just be for the time being. With all the CRAP that has been going on in my life lately, i finally realized i just need to simplify. Fly under the radar for a bit. Don't get me wrong.. I LOVE love twitter, Facebook, blogs, and all that other good stuff. But lately it has been biting me in the freakin butt. SO what do i do? privatize my life and shut things down. Good bye to Facebook. Good bye to twitter. And hello to private blog. At least for awhile. And hopefully this keeps things like 

Random people emailing me about Benjamin:
Ps: if you know anything about this fake person.. let me know :)

Mysterious people making fake twitter accounts just to pester me about my love life..and then pretending like they "have the wrong person"..

Anonymous numbers texting me rude/judgmental things: remember that post?... yeah well i got another one last week. This person is sooo awesome!

Oh and lets not forget about the whole.. "some one hacked my email, and facebook, and reset all the passwords.." Yeah that totally happened. Twice actually. Also, it all happened while i was logged in on facebook, and i got the email at the same time saying i had requested a password change? So i knew something was up. And fixed it immediately. Then, not ten minutes later the exact same thing happened. So i fixed it again, and ohhh wait, the next morning i woke up and passwords were changed again! how in the world does that even happen? I promise my passwords are so hard. Sometimes i cant even remember them. Oh andddd someone hacked AGAIN more recently, and reset all my facebook settings. So no one could post on my wall, and certain people were blocked.  Seriously in the past month or so i have reset ALL my passwords probably about 10 times. And that is nooo exaggeration. So finally, i am done. done with the drama. done with the world getting involved in my life. and done with social media. At least til i feel like i have my life figured out. 

So thank you for coming along this little adventure with me. i love you readers. every single one of you. Thats why you got an invite to come along. I'll be a good blogger now since i dont have all that other ish to keep up on! 


  1. holy cow! I'm so sorry that is so rude and ridiculous!

  2. oh my gosh that is just insane!! im sorry, that really is crazy stuff. people should try worrying about their own lives...

  3. good on you hay! I am sorry for all of the crap that has been going on in your world. you made the right choice and hopefully someone will get a clue and just start worrying about their own life.

    Miss you cute girl.

  4. Love you hay! Sorry about all the freaking psychos out there. I have had to deal with them as well but nothing like yours! So glad you still have your blog : )

  5. I don't know if you know this but someone else can change your password on facebook if they know the email that you log onto facebook with. But they do have to be able to get into your email as well. And assuming they don't already know your password if its numbers letters then numbers again its nearly impossible for a normal person to hack it.

  6. What a creep! They are obviously super jealous of your life since they wont give up trying to mess with it.


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