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This week i had the chance to get together with my old soccer team. I was seriously sooo excited to see all these girls--and you believe it has pretty much been 4 years since we have officially gotten together! These girls completely changed the way i viewed the game of soccer. Around my sophomore year of high school i realized that in order to move forward in my soccer career i was going to need to change teams. I was really stressed about the decision, because i really didnt want to play for any of the teams in the Sandy/Salt Lake area. I considered this team--Celtic Storm--but wasnt too serious about it seeming that they were located out of Orem. I went to try-outs anyway, and ended up making the team. I literally didnt know a single soul on the whole team. I was starting fresh and i was terrified. But these girls completely welcomed me with open arms and have become women that i look up to in more ways than just on the soccer field. They made me want to be a better person, a better member of the church, and a better soccer player. I seriously love these girls to pieces!

Needless to say it was crazy getting together and catching up with these ladies. I think there were about 12 of us that showed up. I figured out some stats of the girls there.. so here's some interesting facts for ya..

6:18 are married.. i think?
4:12 (the girls there... married)
10:12 will be engaged/married in the next 6 months
1:12 is considering a mission
2:12 are single and just hangin out
2:12 are still playing college soccer..(1 season left)
12:12 are playing soccer for fun :)

I am so sad that i didnt get a picture with all of us.. but i did get one of us girls that stayed and chatted! i love these girls and can't wait to see where they end up. They all have such strong testimonies of the gospel, and i left feeling uplifted and had a more positive outlook on my life. I am grateful for the advice shared, the testimonies born (not in a weird way), and the experiences and growth i have experienced with these girls. i already cant wait for our next get together! I guarantee someone will have a baby! crazyyyyy but oh so exciting :)
Jaime (uvu). Aly(weber). Dana (byu). KT (uvu). Kelsey(uvu). Hay (dixie).

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  1. I am stalking the crap out of you and came across this cute post!! we need to do this again ASAP!! miss you and your gorgeous as always!!


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