Curse the Mail!

So my dear friend over in Mozambique wrote me an email and told me that he had written me a letter and was going to send it that day. He also told me it would take 7-10 days to get here. So, of course that whole next week i was getting pretty anxious every time the mail man drove up. Well... come to find out.. my dear friend mr benjamin didn't even end up sending it til the following monday. So, once again the waiting process began. 

Fast forward to now. Dont worry people.. that letter was sent an astonishing 3 weeks ago. But keep in mind i thought he sent it 4 weeks ago. holy moly waitin for 4 weeks now. And wanna know the worst part? he sent his family a letter the same day he sent mine, and they got it LAST TUESDAY! kill me now. 
i hate the mailman.
 i hate the mail system. 

and most of all..

 i really hate that my letter is most likely gone forever.

But on a brighter note.. Ben's malaria is gone for now and he is back to feeling well again ...which is obviously way more important than me getting my stupid [yet, oh so wonderful] letter.


  1. Loved catching up on your blog -- it's so cute and I LOVE reading what you write. it makes me miss your cute little face to much!!!

    For the record, I Hate the mail too!!! Try getting stuff to a military address, most people look at like you like you are crazy and have no idea how to mail you anything. So FRUSTRATING. I feel your pain. I Hope your letter comes soon.

  2. SNAIL MAIL STINKS!! It takes 2+ weeks to get to my friend in Sweden, and by the time he gets it, it's old news. GRR. I feel your pain.


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