School is for Fools!

So i officially go here..

  • The fact that i know that my teachers KNOW what they are talking about.
  • The fact that i have SO many opportunities within my major that i wouldn't have had at Dixie.
  • I KNOW i am going to learn so many cool things!
  • The BEAUTIFUL campus
  • The comfy chairs
  • The diverse people- i heard 4 different languages while walking to class today.
  • The number of people!
  • There is ALWAYS something going on
  • The liberal teachers and students.. ahahah i love hearing their views of the world
  • Only going to school mon-thurs!

  • The commute! i have to wake up soo freakin early it's ridiculous. (at the same time i love my thinking time)
  • The WALKING! sooo much walking. and more walking. and more walking. and more walking. 
  • The parking! so frustrating
  • The stupid counselors who all tell me different things-thus the reason i was enrolled in 2 classes until late last night, and the 2 i was enrolled in weren't even ones i needed for my major.. yeah way cool.
  • The stupid teachers who wont add me even though there are PLENTY of seats available.
  • The guy who skipped processing my ucard so i ended up waiting 45 min.. all while the people behind me in line were getting their cards. sweet man.
  • the blisters on my feet from my dang shoes.. and the WALKING

I love when the teacher cancels class on the 2nd day it's in session.. and when i just added it late last night.. showed up this morning at 8, and don't worry.. CANCELLED. wayyyyy cool.

I seriously LOVE school so far though. It is so fun.. and i really cant wait for football season to start! whooo 


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  1. lots and lots of walking = the u for sure.
    i'm glad you're at the u now! we need to plan a run in!


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