Africa #2 -Gratitude

 Anyone who has been to a 3rd world country comes home and is super humbled by the things they have seen and the way they have lived life. It may seem cliche, but my trip to Kenya was no different. 
I think it is obvious to realize and to say how lucky and blessed we really are materialistically. We have over abundances of clothing, food is always convenient to obtain, our houses are IMMACULATE, transportation is easy, communication with others is always at our fingertips, Internet connection is fast immediate, and we literally can get ANY necessity (or non-necessity for that matter) at any given time. We live convenient lives. Think about it. 
Have you ever realized though.... JUST how lucky and chosen i [you] must be to have been blessed both materialistically and spiritually
At church in Butiere with some of the members
The world is a BIG place people. I realized that very quickly on my 30+ hours of travel. It is hard to comprehend just how many people there are on this planet. How was it that i was lucky enough to be born into a family of the only correct church on the earth today? How was it that I was blessed with the truth without having to search for it?
 I came with the knowledge.
 I came ready and prepared with the truth. 

Why me?

This is one of the many questions i have been asking myself since i got home. I don't think there is just one right answer to this question. But i do know that i need to figure out at least some of it. Why was i so abundantly blessed materialistically and spiritually? Sure having nice clothes is great. But the real question.. Why was i blessed with the gospel? 
Church was the MOST amazing experience
I know that i have a responsibility to stand as a witness-- set the example and show others the way to true happiness. That is why i was chosen. i was chosen to have the truth and it is my job to share it. I am so extremely grateful for that knowledge. I am so grateful for the many blessings i have-both materialistically and spiritually. i am grateful for my Savior and grateful for him blessing ME with the BEST blessing he could ever bless me with. The gospel of Jesus Christ.
I. Am. Grateful.

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