Smart Hay.. Real Smart

Last monday i went to the computer center to do some research on an argumentative presentation i had to prepare. This class is only once a week and really isn't too strenuous. i pulled out my syllabus.. and realized very quickly that i had FORGOTTEN to take a test the week before. I immediately freaked. I have NEVER in my life not turned in an assignment, never not taken a test, and never turned anything in late. How the crap did i completely SPACE taking a 100 point test?

I honestly felt like i was going to pass out. i put my head on the desk and sat there for good 5 minutes repeating... How the crap!? What was i doing the previous thursday that was so important that i forgot to take a test? Oh yeah.. that day was April Fools. My roommates and i were busy pulling pranks on our neighbors. We were dying Easter eggs. We were playing with water guns til 2 in the morning. We were throwing confetti filled eggs at people. All awesome reasons not to take a test right?

Our "Water Gun Experiment" that we were busy doing while i should have been taking a test.

Luckily my good friend Ammon was there to 'laugh it off' with me. It was the weirdest feeling.. i was so devastated but i wasn't too worried about it for some reason. Yes-this meant i was probably going to end up with a B..maybe a C if i didn't ace my final speech, and my final test. SHIZZZ. Talk about pressure. I called my mom. She had the same response as Ammon.. she LAUGHED. My roommates-Same reaction. Laughing?! I was so confused why everyone thought this was so funny? CUZ it definitely wasnt.. WHAT THE HECK PEOPLE!

Well long story short.. I didnt say anything to my professor.. i was too scared, and i knew i didnt deserve to take the test. Plus he is a good argue-er ..hence he teaches Argumentation and Critical Thinking. I dont regret not taking the test because i learned a lot of valuable lessons from this experience.
1. play time is always more fun than study time
2. I became closer with my friends that day-we had some great experiences that i will remember forever.
3. Maybe i should buy a planner?
4. Life isn't over when something unfortunate happens. Life goes on.
and #5 comes from my mom who said..
5. At least it didn't have any Eternal Consequence.

How true is that? Sometimes i get so caught up with stuff.. that really doesn't matter. Yes, education is important. But i had more valuable experiences and learned more from NOT taking the test than i would have if i took the test. I am grateful for those who were there for me that day to laugh it off with and the lesson that they taught me that ..
life really does go on!

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