creepers at the bank! funnyyy stuff

Last week i went to the bank to deposit some money into my account so that i could go pay for my passport. It was a crazy busy week last week in St. George for some reason and it was taking me forever to drive anywhere. Finally i make it to the bank, and there is a HUGE line for the drive up. I got in one of the lanes and waited, and waited. Finally, i make it to the front, put my money in the money sucker-deliverer thing, and sat and waited. As i waited, i had that feeling that you get when you KNOW someone is watching/looking at you. I finally got my receipt and just as i started to drive away.. some guy in the drive up lane next to me says..

(keep in mind--lane next to me.. honestly i could hardly even see this kid with out awkwardly leaning around the ATM.)

Creep: Hey do i know you? you look so familiar?
Me: No i dont think so...
-what i really wanted to say:NO you dont know me, NO i dont look familiar, and DID YOU REALLY JUST USE THAT PICK UP LINE?!
Creep: Are you sure? i mean you just look like someone i swear i know.. where did you go to school?
Me: I went to Jordan.. it's up north.
-what i really wanted to say: WOW really!? you are going to ask me where i went to school before you ask my name? if i look so familiar wouldn't my name sound familiar too? DUH
Creep: Oh thats cool. So i must not know you.. are you just down here going to school?
Me: yup.
-what i really wanted to say: No.. i am just wearing a Dixie State hoodie, i actually attend Dixie high and am a sophomore..
Creep: Oh that's cool. What are you studying?
(keep in mind at this point there is a huge line of frustrated people behind me waiting to use the money sucker-deliverer thing.
Me: Communication. How about you?
Creep: Oh that is sweet. i am doing the business program. But i am not sure which emphasis i want to go into or what i really want to do with it. I just love the business classes and ... BLAH BLAH BLAH on and on and on he went..
Me: Oh well good for you! good luck with all that..
-what i really wanted to say: Do you really think i care what major you are going into? and what emphasis and what your 5 year plan is? Oh? weird? cuz i didnt.

and this is about the time i drove away laughing.
what a great experience. :)

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