Thanksgiving in San Diego!

Last week we got the opportunity as a family to drive {uhh} down to San Diego to spend Thanksgiving watching Kali play soccer and spend time with The Dixons. It was a much needed break for everyone! I cant express how awesome it was to have my WHOLE family home for Thanksgiving this year.. i think it has been at least 3 years since we spent it together. I love my family more than anything. We are at a fun time in our age differences and we all get along very well. I love my siblings and look up to them all... i think this trip made me appreciate each of them so much more! Here are some fun pictures from the week!

The Hansen and Dixon Crew on the Beach on Thanksgiving day

First Family picture in a long time!! we all look great after spending the whole day in the ocean!

Meet my Aunt Cyd. She is so awesome! It was fun spending time with her and catching up on life and such! I love Cyd!
Me and East got in a little war on the beach.. we both "white washed" each other with the sand? i dunno it wasnt a good feeling!

Probably one of my favorite pictures of the whole trip..

Soo cute. Playing in the Ocean all day definitely kept us all entertained.

Sooo happy to have my big brother home! i love him so much!

Little Teagy.. will always be my man!!

Oh how Benjamin was missed on our trip.. love that kid and miss him so much!

Someone please move to San Diego with me? seriously some day i am going to live there...

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