New Roomie.

Yup the rumors are true. i got two new roommates last week and to be completely honest, i was not excited about it. New roomies meant no more extra bedrooms, extra refrigerator space and all that jazz. welp it has turned out alright and the girls are fun. i never really see one of them, but i am sure she has a tender heart, even if she doesnt know my name. psh.....

So on sunday we decided to decorate cookies for fall/winter... and somehow we ended up covered in flour. I dunno how it started? i didnt do it.. thats for sure! It was a good little bonding experience but our house was a disaster after!

Lesson Learned: I am going to have severe wrinkles when i get old!! ahh hopefully the second coming happens before that so i don't have to go through that stage of my life. JOY!

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